Dog Pain: What Can I Give My Dog To Ease Their Pain?

Dog Pain: What Can I Give My Dog To Ease Their Pain?

It is hard for every pet parent to see their dog suffer in pain. What causes pain in dog and what can you give your dog in pain? Read more to know.

Pain is an unpleasant and troublesome feeling caused usually by an injury or sickness. All of us have undergone pain of some kind and our pets undergo pain as well. They might not be able to communicate it to us and may silently suffer. We need to recognize what our pets are going through. 

Why Is Your Dog In Pain?

Pain and soreness in dogs is caused by a sickness, injury or inflammation that can be caused by everyday activities aging. The first step is to helping our pet is to identify the area of pain and the root cause of it. This can be done by slowly palpating and touching your dog’s body gently with light pressure. If there is a specific point to which your dog reacts or whines, then it should be the spot where that pain is occurring. Sometimes the area may be accompanied by swelling, cuts or redness under the fur. 

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Symptoms Of Pain In Dog:

1. Biting: A dog in pain might tend to bite or lick the area of pain constantly. If you touch the area that is affected they may resort to giving you a warning bite as well to let you know it hurts. 

2. Low Energy: Dogs suffering from pain may not want to be active and will lie around a lot. They might not be interested in playing or walks.

3. See The Eyes: Dogs can tell you a lot when you look into their eyes. A dog in pain might have dilated pupils or red eyes.

4. Tail Position: If your dog’s tail is not very upright and is dropping down, it could be a sign that they are not feeling well.

What Can I Give My Dog In Pain?

1. Once you identify the area of pain, check for any injuries and inflammation. If the cause of pain is due to some injury, consult a vet immediately.

2. Make your dogs lie down in a calm relaxed place where they feel safe and secure.

3. Give them good, nourishing food as they needs the strength to heal. 

4. If the pain and soreness is due to daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs, dogs might recoup after resting. 

5. CBD treats and oils, such as Hemp Well’s Hemp Relief, supports healthy inflammatory response and may help to reduce inflammation caused by everyday activities.

6. If your pet suffers from arthritis pain, a hot pack can also be placed on the area to make them feel better.

7. There are a lot of over the counter pain relief medications that are available for pets. However, it is best to administer a vet prescribed medicine.

8. Do not give human medicines to pets as the might lead to adverse and serious effects.

If you find your dog is in pain, it is recommended to visit the vet at the earliest possible time. Cuddle your dogs with lots of love during their times in pain.

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