Dog Shedding Season- Which Seasons Do Dogs Shed The Most?

Dog Shedding Season- Which Seasons Do Dogs Shed The Most?

Dogs lose their old hair or damaged hairs by a process called shedding. All dogs shed and the amount of shedding varies from breed to breed and their health conditions. Let us discuss on dog shedding season and best ways to manage your dog’s shedding. 

Dog Shedding Season- Which Time Of the Year?

Nature is designed in such a way where dogs shed in spring to get a light and shorter coat to face the summer. Dogs shed this light coat in winter and get replaced with a denser coat to keep them protected from the harsh colder months. These changes in shedding are more visible in double coated breeds. 

Dog Shedding Season Rythm In Recent Times:

Dog shedding season as described above was seen when dogs were outdoors and working dogs. Nowadays, many dogs are kept indoors always and their shedding patterns vary. Their skin gets exposed to artificial cold when kept in airconditioned rooms or face warmer room temperatures in cold seasons. They do not have a particular shedding season whereas they shed consistently throughout the year. 

Dog shedding season-Golden retriever

Effective Ways To Manage Dog Shedding:

There is no way where you can stop shedding because it is normal and all dogs with hair will shed. However, dog shedding can be managed and maintained effectively. 

a. Regular Brushing:

This is a crucial step in managing dog shedding. Even heavy dog shedding can be maintained with regular brushing of your dog’s coat with dog brushes and combs

b. Bathing:

Your dogs can be given a bath once a month and dry their coat properly. Then you could brush them after bathing and drying to remove any loose hair. 

c. Patience and Consistency:

Grooming requires patience and might seem time-consuming. But it will be great if you could manage your time and be consistent and regular in grooming your pet.

We cannot stop dog shedding their hair but can control it by using effective grooming techniques and grooming products. Be aware of your dog’s shedding schedule so that you could be prepared. Above all spending time in grooming your dog also improves the bond between you and your pet. Happy times ahead!