Dogs cannot talk a human language but they communicate in different other ways. Whining may be one such way of communication and we need to understand what our pets are trying to say. Let us discuss the possible reasons for dog whining.

Reasons For Dog Whining:

a. Stress And Anxiety:

One of the major reason for your pooch’s whining might be stressful and scary situations. If your pets whine while you leave him alone, it may also indicate separation anxiety.

b. Needs Attention:

Dogs need attention and will want you to attend to them. They might do this to get their desired object or just some pampering.

c. Overly Excited:

This behavior is usually seen when someone arrives at home. Pets wiggle their whole body along with happy whining, indicating that they are glad to see them. Some also bark and go bonkers at this time.

d. During Pain Or Discomfort:

Whining could also be an alarming signal where your pet might be going through pain or some discomfort. We would recommend you to examine him and find if any activity or body part is causing pain and discomfort.

e. Wanting Something:

Dogs do come and ask to us like kids. If they need their toy from beneath the couch, or if they just need some midday snack, they might whine a little so that you could attend to it.

Dog whining for attention-Petpain

How To Control Dog Whining?

If you furry baby is whining excessively, it is best to analyze the cause of it. Never simply dismiss his or her whining behavior. Observe close for other changes in behavior along with the whining.  If your dog is whining because of stress, calm him down and relax him. Calming chews and his favorite toy might help. 

Make sure you don’t give everything when your dog whines and asks. This might become a routine and annoying. Work on the command ‘quiet’ and praise your pup with treats when he stops whining. Physical exercise and basic training can keep your dogs happy and stimulated. Whining cannot be absolutely stopped but always can be controlled when the reason is identified.