Dog Whining: What Could Be The Reason Behind It? How To Control It?

Dog Whining: What Could Be The Reason Behind It? How To Control It?

All pet parents would have faced situations where your dog might be whining and you do not understand why. Read our blog to find the most common reasons for dog whining and ways to control it.

Dogs cannot talk a human language but they communicate in other ways to let us know what they are thinking. Whining can be one way of communication their feelings and we need to understand what our pets are trying to say. 

Reasons For Dog Whining:

A. Stress And Anxiety:

One of the major reason your dog is whining could be because they are scared or overly stressed. If your dog whines when you leave him or her alone, it could indicate separation anxiety.

B. Needs Attention:

Dogs need attention and will want you to play with them or give them lots of pets. They might be whining to get you to notice them or give them food or love.

C. Overly Excited:

This behavior is usually seen when someone they know is at the door. Some dogs will wiggle their whole body along with happy whining and sometimes barking, indicating that they are glad you are home. 

D. During Pain Or Discomfort:

Whining could also be a way to let you know they are in pain. It is recommended to examine your pet to see if a particular part of their body is causing pain or discomfort such as limping or holding a paw or leg in an odd way. 

E. Wanting Something:

Dogs come and ask us for things like little kids. They may come whine at you if they need their toy from beneath the couch, or if they just want a midday snack.

Dog whining for attention-Petpain

How To Control Dog Whining?

If you fur baby is whining excessively, it is best to analyze the cause of it. Never simply dismiss his or her whining behavior. Observe close for other changes in behavior along with the whining.  If your dog is whining because of stress, attempt to calm them down and relax them. Calming chews and his favorite toy might help. 

Make sure you don’t give in every time your dog whines and asks for treats or special privileges. This might become a routine and can be hard to curb this type of habitual behavior. Work on the command ‘quiet’ and letting your dog know that not all kinds of whining will get them rewards. Physical exercise and basic training can keep your dogs happy and stimulated. Whining cannot be absolutely stopped but always can be controlled if the reason is identified.

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