How To Trim My Dogs Nails At Home?

How To Trim My Dogs Nails At Home?

Are you always dependant on a groomer to cut your pooch's nails? You could now do this yourself at home. We have listed the simple and easy ways to trim dog nails at home.

Grooming your pet is one of the most important responsibilities that every pet parent has to deal with. Grooming does not stop at just brushing & bathing your dog but involves head to toe care. It is essential to trim a dog’s nails regularly so that they can walk easier and so they do not hurt themselves when scratching. 

What Happens If You Don’t Trim Nails Regularly?

A dog’s nails are to be cared just like human nails. If we do not trim the nails, they may cause discomfort for your dog. Infections are also common in poorly maintained nails. Overgrown nails in pets can cause pain and could change their posture. It is also painful for your pet if his long nails get caught in your carpets and other fabrics.  

Key Things to Keep In Mind While You Trim:

1.  Make sure you keep your pet calm and relaxed when you start the clipping process. Set a time when your pet is tired like after playing or a long walk. 

2. Get your pet used to the act of you touching his paws and nails. Make it a pleasant experience for the them and reward them with treats and pets.

3. Choose the right type of nail clipper or grinders for your pet and make to familiarize yourself with how to use it.

Step By Step Process For Trimming:

1. Choose a comfortable position for your dog.  

2. Hold your dog’s paw firmly in your non-dominant hand and the nail clipper in your dominant hand.

3. Always start clipping around 1 to 2mm. Especially when your dog’s nails are black, if we cut the nails deeper, we might cut the quick (like a nail under-bed in humans) located inside the nail. In dogs with light color nails, this can sometimes be easily seen.

4. Position the clippers at a 45-degree angle. 

5. Keep a bandage and styptic powder handy when you begin to trim dog nails. A styptic powder stops bleeding from nails if you cut the quick accidentally.

Do not get angry or upset with your pet if they do not cooperate, they might be scared. Praise your pup and reward them so that they associate the activity with happiness and positivity. 

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