Hypoallergenic Breed of Dogs That Don’t Shed – Top 10

Hypoallergenic Breed of Dogs That Don’t Shed – Top 10

Is runny nose or Itchy eyes stopping you from becoming a pet parent? Read more to know the top 10 hypoallergenic dogs that don't shed.

Dog hair can become messy and cause a lot of fuss around the house. Some people are also allergic to dog hair but still, want to own a pet. We have listed out the best ten non-shedding hypoallergenic list of dogs that don’t shed for you as a guide.

Why People Require Dogs that Don’t Shed?

Shedding of hair is normal in dogs and every breed sheds out hair to some extent. Some breeds excessively shed and some shed out minimally. Dogs hair gets attached to clothes, furniture and makes it difficult to remove. The allergens in dog hair might cause allergic reactions in human.

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Top 10 Breed Of Dogs That Don’t Shed:

1. Havanese: These breed of dogs are perfect for small homes. They shed minimally and are cute and friendly dogs.

2. Schnauzer: These breeds are German farm dogs. They are full of energy and easy to groom and a great companion.

3. Tibetan Terrier: These bushy breeds shed less but require a lot of grooming. Tibetan Terriers are one of the fluffy dogs that don’t shed and were also kept by Buddhist monks earlier.

4. Maltese Shih Tzu: Do you need love all day? Shih Tzu is the best match. These dogs are obedient, beautiful and their hair is hypoallergenic.

5. Poodles: The toy and miniature poodle breeds shed very less but require grooming to keep their hair length and coat in order. Poodles are intelligent and joyful dogs that don’t shed.

6. Bischon Frise: These toy breeds are white and have lovely black noses and eyes. These are double coated and hence these dogs don’t shed excessively.

7. Italian Greyhound: These are the easiest breed for grooming. These dogs don’t shed hair and you only need to rub a towel over their body as a regular grooming routine.

8. Irish Water Spaniel: These dogs are bred for centuries for their hunting characteristics and are very loyal to their owners. Their coat sheds less dander that causes allergies.

9. Labradoodle: This breed is a cross between labradors and poodles. They are social, friendly and shed at a very average level.

10. Scottish Terrier: These are excellent watchdogs and almost shed nothing for which they are loved by most pet parents. However, regular grooming is required.

While every breed sheds off a little hair naturally, with a little research you could get a suitable hypoallergenic dog for your home. Your furry companion is out there with no signs of allergies!

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