Is Your Dog Ready For Summer? Read The Top Tips To Keep Them Summer Ready!

Is Your Dog Ready For Summer? Read The Top Tips To Keep Them Summer Ready!

As the temperature rises, it is important to prepare our furry friends for the heat of the summer. We can do so by making sure we get them the right equipment and care to have a fun summer at the beach with us and the dog park with their friends.

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Tips To Prepare Your Dog For Summer:

1. Vaccinations: 

Get your dogs their regular vaccinations to prepare for this time of the year since they spend more time outdoors in dog parks and pet-friendly places. This will prevent them from contracting diseases and bringing them home to your other pets.

2. Flea And Tick Protection:

Start off with flea and tick spot treatments to prevent them from even getting to your pets. Fleas and ticks breed more actively in hot, humid weather so taking precautions before letting them out in the sun os always a good idea.

3. Put A Collar On:

Make sure to put up a name tag with your contact details on your dog’s collar. They spend a lot of time outdoors in summer and chances of running off can be high.

4. Allergies:

Watch out for seasonal allergies  as they become common in the summer. This can be resolved by visiting the vet to address any possible allergies and get medication to prevent them from coming on.

5. Heart Worm Prevention:

Another important vaccine to be administered is for heart worms. These are spread by mosquitoes which are out more during summer and fall months. 

6. Hair Trimming:

Long haired dogs might need their hair trimmed. Do not shave off their coats as they protect the dog’s skin from direct heat. Dogs do not have sweat glands like humans do so they have no natural way of cooling themselves down if it gets too hot.

7. Summer Baths:

Bathe your dog every few weeks during summer. You can involve them in water-based activities that could help them cool down in summer such as getting them a kiddie-pool or spraying them with the hose or sprinkler.

Above all, always keep your dogs well hydrated. Provide adequate fresh clean water all the time. Keep your dogs indoors or in shady places during midday when the temperature is at its peak. Enjoy the summer with your pups!

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