Natural Remedies to Control Dog Anxiety

Natural Remedies to Control Dog Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are common in dogs. Yet, we first need to discover the underlying reason that causes stress and anxiety in dogs, since anxiety in pooches prompts destructive behavior and when not attended to, might lead to diminished life expectancy. Ceaseless pressure and anxiety in your dogs, negatively affect your pet’s psychological and physical wellbeing and they additionally deprive their immune system making your canine vulnerable to diseases and infections.

What Causes Dog Anxiety and Stress?

Pets get very stressed and anxious and end up restless when they are isolated from their masters and family. The absence of physical exercises and natural factors like thunderstorms, firecrackers additionally contribute to tension and anxiety in dogs.

What are the Symptoms of Dog Anxiety?

Not all pooches show similar signs and symptoms of anxiety and nervousness yet the most widely recognized signs are:

  • Fear
  • Panting/ Gasping
  • Aggression
  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Over licking themselves
Dog licking itself

Natural Ways and Remedies to Help Dogs with Anxiety and Stress:

Interaction and Socialization : Take your canines to parks and let them play and mingle along with different dogs and owners.

Physical Exercise: The most natural remedy for anxiety, stress, and restlessness for canines is by ensuring adequate physical exercises and letting out pressure. This is proven beneficial for people too.

Distraction: Occupy your dogs from tension and anxiety by connecting with them in play or giving them chews and bites to draw their attention from environmental factors such as  thunderstorms and firecrackers. They can likewise be given organic calming chews that help them through this time.

Massages: Dogs do love gentle massages and you could spend five to ten minutes each day to give them a soothing massage and belly rubs to relieve from anxiety. This naturally helps in decreasing their stress and anxiety , and creates an exceptional bond between you and your dog.

Hemp oils: Hemp oils provide a natural solution for diminishing anxiety and tension in pets. HempWell Calm Pet oil is extracted by organic cultivating techniques and contains no fillers. It additionally contains Chamomile herb that is known to calm and relax your dogs and soothe their stomach during stress.

A home with a cheerful dog is a relaxing place to return following a long day of work. Ensure your dogs are healthy and happy!

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