What is Separation Anxiety in dogs and Coping Methods?

What is Separation Anxiety in dogs and Coping Methods?

Separation Anxiety is a condition in which dogs display distress and behaviors that are destructive. Separation anxiety typically has an onset within 30 minutes of being left alone or once the pet parent leaves the house. Not all dogs suffer from this but most of the dogs suffer from separation anxiety and the condition is not to be ignored.

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Common Signs in Separation Anxiety:

a. Barking, Howling and whining once the pet parent leaves.

b. Excessive shaking most common in small breeds.

c. Vomiting and salivating excessively.

d. Self-harm by trying to escape from the house.

e. Digging and scratching the doors and windows.

f. Littering inside the house

The root cause of Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is common in dogs who are separated from their pet parents and relocated to new homes. Older dogs who are adopted also face separation anxiety and display the above-mentioned symptoms.

Extremely attachment to the pet parent might also cause stress when the parent leaves the home and sudden loss of family members also play a major role.

Coping up with Separation Anxiety in Dogs:

a. Engage a lot of play and exercise to your dogs while you are at home. Exercise is a great way to deal with stress and anxiety in both humans and dogs.

b. Make sure you feed your dog before you leave so that they don’t realize you are leaving and are distracted.

c. You could leave some soothing baby music on, which will relax your pet and promote a good feel and mood to them.

d. Calming chews and anti-anxiety oils like Hemp Well Calm Pet might relax your dog, and calm them down. They help in promoting a pleasant mood, stress relief, and separation anxiety.  

e. Get them a long lasting chew bone or toys that could last for hours and keep them engaged. Kong toys are tough, durable and it is available for dogs of all ages.

Chronic separation anxiety and stress response can cause physical and emotional disorders that may affect the well being and quality of your pet’s life.  Act now to save your furry friend from the dreadful effects of separation anxiety.

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